A Matter of Time

Since 1888


The rebirth of Lugano based A. Manzoni & Fils has proven to be perhaps the ultimate marriage of traditional watch making and modern fund raising. It was through a Kickstarter campaign that the first production of the Canopus Weekplanner watch has been funded. This is an absolute novelty In the sometimes ultra-exclusive world of the luxury watch industry.
We are proud to say that A. Manzoni & Fils was reintroduced to the world without extensive advertising and distribution budgets. And for the few who were fast enough with their Kickstarter pledges, a limited number of timepieces has been made available at one third of the future retail price. These early supporters have become the true brand ambassadors of A. Manzoni & Fils.

Their direct support of the first Canopus Weekplanner has helped to put A. Manzoni & Fils back on the map. Using their personal social networks on the worldwide web, these brand ambassadors helped us to spread our message around the globe in record time.
Although the kickstarter campaign did not reach its ultimate fundraising goal, it helped to indirectly secure the funds for the first production of the Canopus Weekplanner. Singapore provided the most pledges followed by the US.

Thanks to the positive outcome, A.Manzoni & Fils has become the first truly global Swiss luxury watch brand. Consumers from around the world became part of a cultural movement that reflects the very DNA of the brand itself and in the process will be proud owners of timepieces and applied art items that will serve to write design history. We believe that these objects will fetch record prices in future auctions in the years to come at Antiquorum, Christies, Sotheby, Wright 2000 and Dorotheum.

A.Manzoni & Fils intends to continue our marketing strategy and launch our future collections first in limited editions as a means of introducing them to the worldwide markets with the help of crowd financing in the years to come. It helps us to continue the conversation with our customers, while taking the pulse of the market. And through this conversation, consumers become true brand ambassadors, giving them the unique chance to own a limited edition luxury timepiece at a substantially reduced price.

Even though the original Kickstarter offer is no longer available, we have decided to give some additional customers the possibility to pre-purchase our timepieces at 50% off of the retail price. This offer is available until the end of this year directly through our website. This offer ends on December 31st, and in 2019 the Canopus Weekplanner will only be available at the recommended retail price through a selected number of authorized jewellery and watch shops around the world.